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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Top 50 most Popular Governors

SUSA has its latest 50-state rankings. Here are the approval/disapproval ratings for governors up for re-election in 2006:

  1. Rell (CT-R) 77/16
  2. Rounds (SD-R) 73/19
  3. Lynch (NH-D) 69/21
  4. Douglas (VT-R) 65/26
  5. Heineman (NE-R) 63/24
  6. Freudenthal (WY-D) 65/27
  7. Napolitano (AZ-D) 64/33
  8. Richardson (NM-D) 62/31
  9. Henry (OK-D) 62/31
  10. Lingle (HI-R) 62/32
  11. Sebelius (KS-D) 62/33
  12. Purdue (GA-R) 60/33
  13. Pawlenty (MN-R) 59/35
  14. Bredesen (TN-D) 57/37
  15. Carcieri (RI-R) 56/39
  16. Riley (AL-R) 52/41
  17. Ehrlich (MD-R) 49/43
  18. Doyle (WI-D) 48/44
  19. Rendell (PA-D) 49/46
  20. Sanford (SC-R) 47/44
  21. Perry (TX-R) 46/48
  22. Kulongoski (OR-D) 43/48
  23. Blagojevich (IL-D) 41/53
  24. Granholm (MI-D) 41/54
  25. Baldacci (ME-D) 36/59
  26. Schwarzenegger (CA-R) 34/63
  27. Murkowski (AK-R) 27/69

The interesting thing about any such list is seeing how many popular Democratic governors preside over red states, and how many popular Republican governors preside over blue states.

from daily kos

The most interesting thing to me is that Lynch is SO popular yet he has used his "political capital" for NOTHING! He has not done one single controversial thing. He doesn't support Gay marriage OR an income tax.... what's Lynch's latest proposal?..... Raising the age kids can drop out of school from 16 to 18.... OOOOOooooooooh, way to serve the people.... So when can we expect that Lynch will actually DO anything for us... next term? This seems to me just to be a vanity governorship... he just wants to be and remain popular....

It's funny - Lynch is making noise about ending homelessness in a decade - without grasping that the #1 cause of homelessness in NH is affordable housing, and the #1 cause for the lack thereof is the way we fund education. As long as we insist on a regressive taxation system, children will continue to be the enemy, and over 1000 of them will be homeless in this state at any given time.
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