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Thursday, December 01, 2005

There is no ethics in the House.

“Rep. Randy ‘Duke’ Cunningham (R-Calif.) will soon relinquish many of his properties and his freedom after pleading guilty to charges of fraud and conspiracy, but he will keep his government pension and could retain the privileges enjoyed by other former members of Congress,” the Hill reports.

from thinkprogress

Another important thing to note is that this guy who is SO corrupt that he is pleading guily, admitting everything, [and crying about it]... is that the House of Representatives has filed a single ethics complaint against the Dukester.

At least in the House of Representatives there is Honor Among Theives.

Yeah that's justice for you. Not quite equal for all. Like Jerry said in his book,"A Good Stick", you gotta have the $$$.
he will keep his government pension

How nice for him. Too bad Stacee Andree can't receiver her wife's when she becomes a widow.
If they allowed that niobium than the terrorist would win.

... or at least the Republicans would lose their ONLY voters and they couldn't even win an election with Ohio voting machines.
At least the gays can't marry.
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