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Monday, December 12, 2005

So much for Honoring thy Father and Mother........

Apparently conservative family values no longer include respecting your parents. Sad.

From the uber-conservative tabloid Newsmax:
"Fox News Sunday" anchorman Chris Wallace says father Mike Wallace has "lost it" - after the legendary CBS newsman told the Boston Globe last week that the fact George Bush had been elected president shows America is "[expletive]-up."

"He's lost it. The man has lost it. What can I say," the younger Wallace lamented to WRKO Boston radio host Howie Carr on Friday.

"He's 87-years old and things have set in," the Fox anchor continued. "I mean, we're going to have a competence hearing pretty soon."

Wallace Jr. quickly dispelled any notion that he was joking. When Carr suggested that his comments were likely to be covered by NewsMax, he responded: "You know what? Fine. Go ahead. Call them. That's fine. I'll stand by that."

Returning to the topic of his father's competence, Wallace Jr. explained: "He's checked out. I don't understand it," beyond the fact that Wallace Sr. has "problems with the war."

"I don't know why he said what he said," he added.

On Thursday, the elder Wallace told the Boston Globe that if he had the chance to interview President Bush, he'd ask:

"What in the world prepared you to be the commander in chief of the largest superpower in the world? In your background, Mr. President, you apparently were incurious. You didn't want to travel. You knew very little about the military. . . . The governor of Texas doesn't have the kind of power that some governors have. . . . Why do you think they nominated you? . . . Do you think that has anything to do with the fact that the country is so [expletive] up?"

Still, despite his criticism, Wallace Jr. seems to have inherited some of his father's shoot-from-the-lip-style.

Asked about DNC chair Howard Dean's recent prediction that the U.S. would lose the war in Iraq, Wallace told Carr:

"We are in a war. We do have 150,000-plus American soldiers over there. I mean, it's Tokyo Rose, for God sakes, going on radio saying we can't win the war."
No Chris, Tokyo Rose is a Republican who throws our troops' lives away like a dirty old kleenex for a war that's a lie and a disaster, rather than volunteering to go over and fight themselves.

from America Blog

Poor Mike. It must be devastating to have procreated this faux news fascist offspring.

"How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is to have a thankless child." Shakespeare
Tragic. Now, can one see why I don't regret not having kids??? With examples as this and my loving Aunt Denise's kids, exclaiming their Patriotic duty that their parents are over the edge, all the while not having ever served in US service while shilling for the party of deserters and deferments, makes me sooo glad we decided to keep our attentions to eachother. Now I don't have to defend my kids as being disrespectful morons.
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