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Friday, December 30, 2005

Shameless Self Promotion!

Read the latest on the blog o'Bruce at

a snippet:

Everything in NH comes down to money. To keep kids in school, will require an honest appraisal of how we do education, and making some changes. This may require money. Some kids aren’t going to comply. Will we be willing to pay for additional truant officers? Are we willing to pay for tutors, counselors, or whatever is needed to help troubled kids through the educational system? Are we willing to fund after school programs to keep kids safe until their parents get home from work? We all know the answer – and it’s a resounding NO. If we were willing, we’d be doing it already. As long as we continue to fund education through the statewide property tax, children and education will continue to be the enemy.

Another great,insightful piece. I like the dinosaur part the best.
I've already heard from one legislator who is quite miffed.
Aaaahh. A guilty one speaks to the accuser. Nice job shaking that old legislative tree sister.
Awesome post... @
The whole country is heading in that direction. In the same insanity of reasoning behind the "trickle down economy" we are being told that all social benefit cuts, from the Federal down to the State level, we hardly be felt as the Christian Masses will step forward to aid the weak, the sick, the hungery.
Because the weak, the hungry, the homeless, the addicted, are receiving no help at all, it is blamed on those of the left who are keeping those of the religious right from doing their job.
Kinda pisses you off? Eh?
It does, indeed, Tim. It seems that we are to begin pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps before we leave the womb. This is much easier, however, if one is smart enough to be born into a wealthy family.
I posted about education today. It's over at my new blog home.
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