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Friday, December 02, 2005

Right Wing Rock

First there was Ted Nugent. Then Foghat. (Okay, that was just an ugly rumor.) Now there’s a new right-wing band to vying for the hearts and minds of America ’s youth: Junkyard Prophet.

But, instead of trying to beg its way onto MTV to build its audience, this band is performing directly inside of America’s high schools.

Oh, and the federal government is footing the bill.
That’s right. Over the last few years, a band called Junkyard Prophet (through its youth outreach organization, You Can Run But You Cannot Hide) has been touring across Middle America, spewing its ultra-conservative message at hundreds of school assemblies along the way. And it’s received hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars for its efforts.

Worth reading the whole story - propaganda being jammed down the throats of our young, who are being prepared for programming by NCLB.

Interesting. I went to high school in the mid 70s, and something somehwat similar happened in my school. I assume that the funding was local rather than federal, and don't know what the pretense was, but the result was the same. A band was hired to put on a program that was supposed to be mostly music but with an anti-drug message thrown in. It turned out to have plenty of music, but the anti-drug message was a very heavy-handed christian evangelical message that took the school administration completely by surprise. It didn't have the general conservative politics aspect, but it was the 70s -- Ford administration time. Politics then wasn't anything like what it is today. It's entirely possible, though, that the group making the rounds today is just an updated version of the same scam.
Plutocracy in action.
you know, their message really harms no one. they speak of what was once considered wholesome living not the perverted style of much of today's music. so that is suppose to make it bad??? what about schools that have dances with other bands or DJ's that push the opposing view, that's OK??? and what about the fact that biology courses teaching that evolution is a FACT - sorry, it is still a THEORY. and the liberals are so scared of the threat to evolution they see a sticker saying "Evolution is a theory" as an attempt to push religion. Excuse me, but do you see anything about religion, church, or God in those three words???? In the words of Brad Stine -- if you do - Put a Helmet On!!!!
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