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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Reporting for Doody....

There's a little kerfuffle inside the Democratic Senate caucus over John Kerry's insistance in being part of the official party response to Bush's hilarious "plan" in Iraq. Reid originally had designated Sen. Jack Reed to provide the official response. Reed did the "prebuttal" yesterday and had a press conference set up for today.

However, John Kerry stomped over Reed by deciding he was going to hold a press conference this morning as well in a naked bid to steal the limelight. Eventually, Reid was forced to combine the two press conferences to try and maintain a unified Senate Democrat response, but Kerry's antics have generated some ill will.

Much ado about nothing? Perhaps. But several DC Democrats I've spoken to today were not happy with Kerry's antics. And given 1) Kerry's continued inability to clearly articulate a coherent position on the war (as Feldman notes), and 2) the fact that Kerry voted for it (while Reed did not), it's not hard to see why.

from daily kos

or should I say reporting for "BOOTY"
Hey, purple is Herb Richardson's color and I do think Herb has that very suit. He wore it at the guvnahs ball.
Due to his tortured (pun intended) explanations about his votes on the Iraqi war, Kerry is the last spokesperson the Dems should be using to criticize Bush on Iraq.
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