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Friday, December 23, 2005

GOP parenting triumphs again

Scions of the GOP

A judge told two 19-year-olds arrested for firing a BB gun from a moving car and hitting two pedestrians last August that their lawyers “worked a miracle.”

George P. Dirth of Bedford and Thaddeus Duprey of Concord had their charges reduced in Concord District Court yesterday and were ordered to complete 100 hours of community service. District Court Judge Gerard Boyle noted a similar incident involving two St. Anselm College varsity football players last April had a much different outcome....

...Dirth’s and Duprey’s charges were reduced from misdemeanor reckless conduct to a violation, which was placed on file without a finding for nine months.

Dirth is the son of Randy Dirth, a former Williams-Sonoma executive and founder of Gourmet Giftmail, a mail order company. Duprey is the son of former Republican State Chairman and real estate developer Steve Duprey and Susan Duprey, president of the law firm of Devine Millimet & Branch.

Now, there's a suprise. The other kids are facing jail time. GOP Definition of personal responsibility: something for other people's kids.

Equal justice my ass.
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These two cases were not as similar as that statement made them out to be. The fact that the St. Anselms students sent several children (ages 15 and 16) to the hospital and Dirth and Duprey did not injure anyone is enough to show how different the cases were. There are other crucial differences between the cases as well. While I am not defending anyones actions I believe that they did not warrent jail time.
I agree with the comment above. Another person charged in this same incident was given the same punishment while using a public defender, even before Duprey and Dirth went to trial. Nobody was hurt in this incident, making it more of a nuisance than an offense. While what Duprey and Dirth did was unquestionably wrong, 100 hours of community service seems to be punishment enough considering the minor infractions. One should also consider that, as discovered in court, it was not a BB gun that was used, but a fluorescent orange tipped toy incapable of hurting anyone.
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