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Thursday, December 22, 2005

God Bless the TWU!!!

NYC Transit Union Moves to Return to Work

NEW YORK - Transit union leaders agreed that the city's subway and bus strike should end while talks resume, a mediator said Thursday in an announcement that brought hope to a city paralyzed by the three-day walkout.

....Yves Desrmeaux, 47, a Manhattan parking lot attendant who lives in Brooklyn.

"Traffic was dense coming over the Manhattan Bridge," he said. "It (the strike) has really made a significant difference. But the transit workers work hard. I hope the MTA gives them something to make them happy this Christmas."

from yahoo news

I have been following this story on the Mark Riley Show and at the News Blog. The TWU are hard working people who deserve BETTER!!!

"In a WWRL poll, 71% of respondents blamed the MTA and only 14% blamed the transit worker". The is a great story about Workers having the courage to DEMAND respect!!!

Read more here

Rise up and demand that right to collective bargaining and just treatment, benfeits and wages. The workers rights in this United States are becoming like that of a developing third world Nation.

Good for the folks from the TWU. Hmmm., I wonder if I can get any of them to help with my campaign???
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