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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

CRACK WATCH: Get Ready for the Sleeze!

I guess the folks who run the new Hotline blog just have bawdier minds than I do. Or, really, that can't be it. So I guess I was just too focused on the CIA material in yesterday's San Diego Union-Tribune piece on the relationship between Duke Cunningham and uber-contracts-grifter Brent Wilkes to notice this brief passage ...

Wilkes befriended other legislators, too. He ran a hospitality suite, with several bedrooms, in Washington – first in the Watergate Hotel and then in the Westin Grand near Capitol Hill.

Boy, that's good stuff. After all, what possible need could congressmen and senators and their staffers have for access to private hotel suites near the Capitol registered in someone else's name? What was this, the private dancer annex of Signatures?

from Talking Points Memo

This will actually be covered [recovered and over covered] in the mainstream media, unlike all the other scandals, because it is about sex.

My question is. If they had these free suites to us, how come Jeff Gannon-Guckard was spending the night at the white house? I guess some "services" take longer than others.

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