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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Compassionate Communism

Jeb Bush
said Tuesday that he was "honored" Cuban President SEARCH
Fidel Castro had referred to him as SEARCH
President Bush's "fat little brother in Florida."

"Forgive me for using the term `fat little brother,'" the Cuban leader said, according to a transcript obtained by The Miami Herald. "It is not a criticism, rather a suggestion that he do some exercises and go on a diet, don't you think? I'm doing this for the gentleman's health."

from yahoo news

First Hugo Chavez helps out with heating oil and now Castro is trying to help Jeb get in shape. Being a communist president is all about the love, baby.

It's nice of Fidel to try to help Jebby - but I don't think our Cuban amigo understands that Jebby's bloated condiditon is probably related to excessive alcohol consumption.
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