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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Wah wa.. Wait a MINUTE! They want the state, the tax payers, US... to pay to put this thing in...

State mulling purchase of ATV park

A proposal that the state spend more than $2.1 million to buy land for an all terrain vehicle park in Berlin goes before the Executive Council on Wednesday.


You could do ALOT of things with 2.1 million dollars. Permanent things... built / renovate schools.. hospitals, EVEN fuel assistance to keep people from freezing to death, health care for children.... Jesus even help send kids to college

If you are a Republican and hate helping people... than invest it or start a for-profit business to EMPLOY a bunch of people in Berlin, but to spend it to built an ATV park?

When we NEED good schools, health care, or access to jobs some we are on our own. The Conservatives say government shouldn't get involved. But when some dumbass hillbillies want an ATV park... they are will to pony up 2.1 million dollars?

What happened to free market? What there are no commercial interests that are willing to open a ATV park?

Here's something else to choke on with your afternoon granla bar and capuccino, this ATV park will pay $0 thats zero friggin dollars, in property taxes.

Remember the Gallus/Danderson economic developments paln here; dump, toxic waste belching mill, prisons, ATV park and Chamber of Commerce/RDC pork suckers. Quite the losing proposition.

Hey, I like how the Dems put someone up against Boob-ATV- Danderson. And the D's complain about me bad mouthing them with default elections like this. Nice... I really should stop bashing them though since they are chronically down, they are making it way to easy. TRUCE !!! For now...
How many jobs are they promising?
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