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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Pete Duffy for Congress

Who do you support to outst the corrupt Republican Jeb Bradley?

I like Pete Duffy

Pete Duffy is for:

Energy Independence

Universal Health Care Coverage

Full Funding of All Federal Mandates

Congress Coddles War Profiteers at the Expense of Guard and Reserve Soldiers

Staged Withdrawal from Iraq

I dunno - Pete had a real pro-war message in 2004....
I could see that, what I really like is that one of his big issues is taking on the war profiteers. we don't need a democrat "fix" iraq but ALSO sell out to defense contractors.

Duffy is saying almost exactly what i say about defense spending:

"Although the Republican Congress trumpets that it is supporting our troops with large defense appropriations, it is the corporations and their employees that are getting rich off this alleged support at the expense our Guard and Reserve forces."

I am not keen on Sullivan anymore. He is pro-life and anti-teacher.

Though I don't know where Pete Duffy stands as regards education he is pro-choice and for universal health care[AND HE CALLS IT THAT TOO!].

He Iraq policy seems reasonible. The language he is using shows he knows that america wants something done now to end this and his military solutions seem to show he has given this more than a political consideration.
I think the last thing we need is a military man in the Senate. Find me a peace activist, please.
There is only one way to make that happen... a peace activist has to choose to run....

any takers?
To stereotype everyone that wears, or has worn, a military uniform is pretty narrow minded and the type of thinking I expect from the Right, not a progressive. Although I do see, as I stump, so many of the same traits on the progressive and democrat sides as that spewed by the Right. Not all service members and veterans are war mongers and someone like Mr. Duffy, speaking out against war time and probably peace time, military profiteering, could very well prove the most beneficial member in Congress. An Army Colonel has no small influence and one that would promote peace instead of jamming bayonets and howitzers down the throats of other Nations, could be what we need. Bass, Bradley, Sununu and Gregg have all shown their thirst and insatiable need for the campaign contribution and none of them have any military service. They all whore to the military defense lobby.

Time for a shake up here niobium. Don't appear as obdurate as my Aunt in your thinking. If you would think that a peace activist is the only person to take charge and force change onto Congress, then you be the change you want to see. Good luck. As Jon said, any takers???
Some of the most potent anti-war activists during vietnam were veterans.

A man in uniform speaking out against war resonants with people alot more than just average peace loving americans. I will admit however that military people tend to have a pro-military biased. Which IS different from a pro-war biased.

By that I mean that Military folks don't like war any more than anyone else, maybe less, BUT they tend to see military force as a solution to problems more often than other people.

I think we can all see at least that PRO-WAR non-military types are then worst possible candidates.
I'm willing to give him a chance, but he did not impress me in 2004.

That said - it's too soon, anyhow. I'm still playing the field, and hoping someone new and at least partially wonderful will enter the race.
I agree. There is always hope.
I must have been a very, very good girl, because I got my wish. I had a call today from a candidate who will be entering the race for to unseat Bradley. She's not ready to go to the media yet, but Carol Shea Porter of Rochester is going to throw her hat in the ring.
Awesome news susanb. Keep us posted.
Jon, you forgot to mention that I boil children and eat them for breakfast, trip old ladies in the middle of the crosswalk, and kick puppies.

Anti-teacher? Where did that come from? because I don't buy into the NEA's absolutist line against alternative forms of public education, like charter schools and pilot schools? Jon, there's a difference between being pro-kids and pro innovation and being anti-teacher.

It's easy to sit back and sling cheap and simplistic epithets, but if you are going to do it in public, you need to be prepared to back up your assertions with some facts.
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