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Monday, November 07, 2005

PBS.... muh

Board Chairman of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting Quits

Kenneth Tomlinson has been accused of trying to politicize public broadcasting programming. Before CPB Inspector General, Kenneth Konz could publish the findings of his investigation, Kenneth resigned. The report details Kenneth's activities, which included paying outside researchers to check public programming for liberal bias. The corporation for Public Broadcasting is supposed to be non-partisan.

from air america homepage

I use to like Public Broadcasting, I still like the concept, but during Bush's 1st term and going into the Iraq War NPR totally disgusted me. If they had a segment on actual information about Iraq or Bush they would have it commented on by a Pro-Bush pundit. OR they would have two segments featuring Pro-War Rallies. In the new media objectivism the “journalist” has no responsibility to report whether “information” is true, false, or unproven. As Bill Moyers says a journalist investigates and analysis’s a topic and than COMES TO A DECISION.

Over and over faithful lapdog NPR would report what Bush said he would do and ignore what he did or had done.

Why do the Bushies lie so obviously when people [and reporter’s] know they are lying? Because Media, including NPR, have abdicated their roles of reporting the news they merely echo information.

They now only act only as Parrots. Whether or not information is true or false. Whether or not it will lead public opinion to support an illegal and immoral war which will get thousands killed and cost hundreds of Billions of dollars. If the Bush Administration said the world was flat Newspapers would read "Shape of the World in Doubt." This is the new version of journalistic objectivism.

Bush and Co. can count on the mainstream media, and NPR, to pass on their talking points without any analysis or without EVEN comparing their words to their actions. The only place that media is allowed to TRY to put the news in some kind context is in the arena of PURE opinion and ONLY with ample ring wing pundits present or moderating.

The mainstream media has betrayed the American people. NPR more so because they claim to adhere to higher principals which the corporate press does not pretend to subscribe.

Bill Moyers laments a future of media where people subscribe to whatever point of view skewed news they want. He believes, and rightly so, that this will lead to more of a division in America and public opinion.

I agree but this situation was not brought about by the likes of Air America Radio or EVEN the ring wing media. It is a situation that directly arose by the refusal of the mainstream media to report on important news AND to put that information in a relevant context.

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