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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

NPR, tired of selling the war.... now peddling intelligent design.

interesting interview on NPR, on the Sternberg affair.

One of the interesting aspects was the reporter who did it: Barbara Bradly Hagerty. She's NPR's religion reporter. In general, assigning a religion reporter to these stories is a bad, bad idea—creationism stories are about attempts to insert religious thinking into the secular business of science and education, and they don't understand why we would find that objectionable. It's like sending a known neocon sympathizer to investigate the administration's rationale for war, and we just know that no responsible news organization would ever be insane enough to do that.

Digging a little deeper into Hagerty's background, one also discovers something interesting: connections to Howard Ahmanson.

More troubling still is her association with Howard Ahmanson's Fieldstead and Co. and Fieldstead Foundation. Ahmanson is a California millionaire who uses his trust fund to finance right-wing Christian, anti-gay, anti-evolution groups and politicians. He was previously associated with Christian Reconstructionism, which advocates a Biblically-based governement for the U.S.

from pharyngula via the news blog

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