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Saturday, November 12, 2005

I do not like NPR....

NPR... lazy, craptastic.. and lying... NPR "misleads" about Tim Kaines position on abortion.

[from via atrios]

I get annoyed with NPR. They cater to their corporate sponsers, then hit up the gen'l public for more money. I never send any because first off, I don't have any, and second off, NPR peops make a pretty decent living from their wages, thus, they don't need my cake.

But what bothers me most is they never really say anything. Oh sure they talk and talk, but they don't say a word. They try so hard to be unbiased and air both sides (because, you know, there are only two sides to a story) that they come of as saying a whole bunch o' nutin'.

Lastly, they sound like a bunch o' hypocrits when talking about/to the poor. It's just so insulting. I think they have no idea of what it is like to be poor or working class but try so hard to be "sympathtic." And with the advent of the internet, now it's the only way to get in touch with them. They never say their snail mail address or their phone number, thus, cutting them off from the majority of the population, who can't understand what their talking about in the first place. It's obvious that NPR is made for and by the educated elite here in the US and that small class of people are the only ones who have access to NPR.

Oh, and their stories are so formulatic. That too is annoying.

But I listen because they are available to me (no TV, no newspaper). I take what they say with a grain of salt. A salt shaker full, actually.
It's the judith miller school of journalism... Journalism should only be Stenographers.. they are not require to find the truth only make sure that lies get a fair hearing...

and they are ALL about the classical music tea sipping senior citizen set...
Have we all forgotten that the people that hold the short hairs and purse strings to NPR are Right wing nut jobs??? Congress and the Presidents Cheney and Bush have gone out of their way to appoint their own pall bearers. The NPR is no different, although personally I do like most of their stuff, especially the BBC reports. I too do not have live tv and limited radio and don't buy news papers too much anymore.

Sirota for President!!!
hmmm....NHPR eliminated classical music, and many other public radio stations have done the same. I listen to a lot of public radio - as annoying as it can be, it's better than anything else I can usually get on my car radio.

Public radio does go too far sometimes in trying not to be biased, but I think that's because they're constantly under siege by idiots like the recently deposed Fred Tomlinson. I heard a discussion about the bias thing on NHPR a while back - and a right winger called in who was very nearly in hysterics over the left wing bias of public radio.

As for their pandering to the senior set, you'd best watch that smart mouth, Jon Easton, or I'll put some laxatives in your espresso during the next podcast.
OOOOhhh, Jon, bleccchhh. Crapachino.
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