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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A good time to be a Democrat!

Great news nationally!

We now have Democratic Governors in Jersey and Virginia…. a special thanks goes to George W Bush for making the Virginia win possible!!!

Maine voted down the referendum to allow discrimination against gays. The Kansas [Dover] school board that wanted intelligent design in the class room has been COMPLETELY replaced by 8 NEW DEMOCRATS!! EVERYONE of Arnold’s initiatives in California were defeated!! AND a “Democrat” mayor in St Paul Minnesota who SUPPORTED BUSH for president was ousted by a REAL democrat.

All and all a great democratic showing!

The bad news is that Bloomberg bought the Mayoral race in NYC [he spent $118 PER VOTER!], the OHIO vote initiatives were voted down [badly worded], Texas has passed an amendment to ban gay marriage [which may also ban straight marriage!! Ehehe], and Baines lost his Mayoral race in Manchester, NH. Also Laconia, NH decided to CAP town spending. So look for there schools to go down the toilet [even more so].

New Liberal Patriot Podcast coming out today!!!

Not to pee on the parade, but Kaine in VA is a pretty right wing Democrat, who is essentially anti-choice.
My parade is INDEPENDENT. I did pee a bit after Baines own arrogance took him down. Heh-heh. That being said, until the Dems can manage a working minority, I won't cry about them Righties losing anymore seats... anywhere. It is their own homemade monster hubris and collusion that is taking them down.

Hmmm, I wonder if Baines took a page out of the "this is how you treat people" book from the Right???
Hey, is wjcowie the guy with the "I"?
The guy with the "I". That's what I'm sayin'. ( I am winking as I write this too)
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