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Monday, November 28, 2005

God hates the Right Wing Supreme Court.....

Piece of Supreme Court facade falls off.

On the fifth anniversary of the day the Supreme Court agreed to hear Bush v. Gore.

from Dependable Renegade

The building is falling apart from shame - much as the Old Man fell off here in NH.
I thought the old man fell off because he was living on a fixed income and he couldn't afford the property tax.

Talk about a VIEW TAX!!!
Yeah, I got nothing...
Where is the large consensus in this blog.

After reading throughout the blog you 3 are the only individuals participating in it.

You would have everyone fooled.
Many blogs only have one poster. Ours has 7 posters, but you are right 3 of use do most of the posting.

if you got to this link you will see that we average about 40 unique visitors a day.
We didn't fool you big gal.

Hey, I'm unique. My grandfather said I was so bright, he used to call me sunny. Now that's unique.

As for this coward "anonymous" that is afraid to tell us who he/she really is, I can see why he/she is confused that there are at least 3 progressive folks all in one blogo that are so well informed about politics and the world and the sham of a Righty gumment we have choking us to death. Well, informed we are and educate we shall Comrade Amalgomous. Check out the podcast tomorrow. We'll be enlightening you and your ilk on democracy and all of its most exclusive, ugliest, Righteousness.

O.K. I'll stop there.
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