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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Free State is an oxymoron... unlike Libertarians who are just morons.

Free State Project does away with 2006 recruitment deadline

They came, they saw ... but they aren't conquering.

The Free State Project, the libertarian movement that chose New Hampshire as its promised land for a society based on maximum choice and minimum government, has abandoned its goal of recruiting 20,000 members by 2006.

For others, the Free State Project conjured visions of an army of libertarians marshaling at the state's borders -- in one case prompting a heated meeting in Grafton, population 1,200, when rumors swirled of a town takeover.

What NH citizens were stupid enough to have “vision of an army of libertarians marshaling at the state’s borders”? The whole free stateconcept is amazingly stupid in the first place. NO political or religious movement has enough clout to get enough people to move to a state to make ANY political impact. [Unless your goals are like dixiville selectman or unless you are an economically self contained religious cult.You know, there are these little things called.. JOBS and HOUSING…

But the march of the porcupines has slowed to a crawl -- today just over 6,800 people are members of the Free State Project, and most of them live in California and Florida. Only about 130 Free Staters have made the move to New Hampshire since signing up; another 250 already

Just like the hapless minutemen, the free staters have about as much support as those obsolete potcracks the john birtchers. Here is a tip for all you right wing nut cases wondering why your great ideas always fail or why only you and Cletus seem to see the big picture. FIRST you educate yourself THAN from that basis you develop a political ideology or philosophy. Not the other way around.

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This whole plan has always ticked my funnybone. When the plan to take over NH was first introduced, I read a story about some guy from Georgia, making 60,000 a year, who wanted to move to Lancaster. The thought of him having to invest in a whole new wardrobe and snow tires was funny. Learning to shovel was even funnier. Best of all was picturing the look on his face when he found out he'd be lucky to get a job at the Ethan Allen Furniture Factory, for $9 an hour.

It never seemed to me that they did any kind of feasibility study on housing and employment.

Announcing they intended to move in and take over wasn't a smooth move either.

Most people get over their adolescent Ayn Rand fantasies. Libertarians are a good example of arrested development.
Libertarian, Republican, DLC, Free Staters, Cletus, they are just different names for the same thing. Some long long hair, long nosed girly man in knickers and tites said something a while back, "a Righty by any other name still smells like a cheeze wiz covered pile of manure".

Something like that anyway.
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