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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Executive Council postpones decision on Berlin ATV park

The Executive Council postponed a decision on the purchase of 7,200 acres in Berlin for an off-road vehicle park to allow time for a public hearing.

The council will take up the proposed $2.16 million purchase on Nov. 16 but said the public should weigh in before a final decision is made.

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I.E. uh huh... the public is paying attention to this.. time to stall this so we can make the decision when no one is looking.

Among the bones of contention for the majority of the Exec Councilors is the fact that Mr. Dillon, the current crafty "property owner" has unfettered rights to logging this same area for an undisclosed number of years, unfettered access and marketing rights to at least 5 gravel pits on this property inperpetuity, and of course the $2M price tag that was not included in the public earshot until recently.

Look for the Gallus/Danderson shortsighted economic development planners to be pushing hard for this tract now and for a future contiguous trail system to the finger lakes. There is not much ground left to cover to realize this long term plan in the making.
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