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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Complain.. but don't act....

I wanted to point out this story in the Washington Post. I've not been one of those people to fawn all over Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL), and I certainly don't think he's gone far enough in his speech yesterday to the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations - especially for a guy who bragged about supposedly "loudly and vigorously" opposing the War in Iraq. However, all of that said, in one part of his speech, I've got to admit: he really nailed it. He said:

"Those of us in Washington have fallen behind the debate that is taking place across America on Iraq. We are failing to provide leadership on this issue."

Sen. Obama - you are absolutely right. And it's up to you to change that - and not just complain or whine about it.

from sirota blog

I read about this before but sirota brought it back up in an excellcent way. This is a TYPICAL moderate republican act. Complain about something but don't actually do anything about it.

Obama in his speak has nice rhetorical language about how politicians are COMPLETELY out of sync with the American people on Iraq.

BUT... if you check out the rest of his speech SO IS HE! He goes right on to parrot the same limp dick position that almost all the Democrats hiding under. It is ALMOST like Obama wants the HEADLINES for his quotes saying that Washington is out of step with the American people but he doesn't have the COURAGE to be different than any of them.

I think this is a typical case of Cover Your Ass...

He is trying to win some headlines by pointing out what all the polls and pundits already know. Politicians are chickenshit about doing what the people want, Universal Health Care, ENDING THIS BLOODLY FUCKING WAR....

but.... the rest of his speech is all the same shit that Biden, Kerry, and others are saying. We need a timeline, responsible withdraw... etc etc.

Obama has the courage to say what the political reality is regarding Iraq, but not the courage to do something about it. Neither does anyone else in Washington.

How the fuck is this a Democracy when the politicians ignore what 63% OR MORE of the people want.

Oh yeah, and OBAMA voted FOR the credit card company written bankruptcy bill.

It would be nice to see Obama making attempts to meet the leadership expectations of so many that got him there.

I am also waiting for a Dem, other than what Kennedy already shouted, to speak out against the raise the entire Federal delegations received. I was also wondering how Bass, Bradley, Sununu and Gregg will look these North Country residents in the eye while cutting their programs, keeping them at the lowest minimum wage since Roosevelt and now, having their own State Guard units readying for another overseas incountry deployment set for early this coming spring. Nice.

By the way, I am running for NH State Senate district 1, being the INDEPENDENT, working class asshole that I am, trying to fight the established, entrenched, out of touch with their constituents, political party bullies on all levels of government, on both sides of the aisle. Can you pass that along!!!

RISE UP indeed!!!
You have my vote!

.. and my love :)
Ooooh,you..... condescending insatiable gal you. Thanks for your support.
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