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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Call Congress Toll Free

If you called before - call again! These calls are having an effect on Bradley and Bass.
This is another chance for you to let your Congressman know that you aren’t in favor of budget cuts that will affect low interest student loan programs, student lunch programs, cuts to Medicaid, Medicare, foster care programs, SSI, and also allows for drilling in ANWR.

We need to keep up the pressure! Next year is an election year - we need to remind Bass and Bradley that taking the food off the plates of schoolchildren to pay for $70 billion in tax cuts is flat out wrong, and it won’t sit well with New Hampshire voters.
On Monday, November 7 or any day that week, call 1-800-426-8073 to be connected toll-free to the Capitol Switchboard. Ask to speak to your Representative – either Bradley or Bass.

NPR has reported this A.M. that ANWR has been taken out of the House proposal by heat from moderate Righties. (if there is such a thing) The Senate, however, still plans on keeping the drilling provision in their budget proposal. Lots of fat campaign contributions coming from that one penny a gallon.
Taking ANWR out of the House proposal is really just a show enacted for today's vote. There is every intention of slipping ANWR back in during conference, so it will be in the final vote.

Today's vote has been postponed, however. The GOP leadership doesn't have enough support - and they are fragmenting. The neocons are insisting on no less than %50 billion in cuts, some are insisting ANWR stay in (Uncle Ted "Porkchop" Stevens) or they'll take their balls and go home, pouting. The Dems are hanging strong and together - saying NO to the whole damn thing.

So - the vote won't be tonight -but it will be coming. Keep bugging your congresscritter.
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