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Friday, November 18, 2005

Budget passes 215-217

Last night the House voted 215 to 217 to pass the budget reconciliation bill - a bill that makes massive cuts to student loans, school lunch programs, Medicaid, food stamps, and foster child programs. This bill is going to be closely followed by a tax cut bill, which will ensure the $70 billion in tax cuts to the wealthiest few continues. So - the Waltons of Wal-Mart get a tax cut, while NH college students get another $6000 added to their debt.

Both Charlie Bass and Jeb Bradley were initially against the budget cuts, but changed their tune when drilling in ANWR was taken off the bill by House leadership. The Senate still is strongly in favor of ANWR - and it will be put back in, no matter what these NH Congressional ninnies were told.

PLEASE CALL BASS/BRADLEY TODAY The 1-800 number is still working. That number is 1-800-426-8073.
Here's a sample message:
We are disappointed that early this morning, Rep. _____ voted for the House budget reconciliation bill that included harmful cuts in Medicaid, child support, food stamps, and other programs for vulnerable Americans. Members of Congress who voted for those cuts said they were necessary to reduce our deficit. Given Rep. ______'s apparent concern for our nation's deficit, we certainly hope and expect that he will vote AGAINST the tax cutting bill that may be considered on the House floor today. The tax cutting bill will increase our deficit and more than one-third of the $57 billion price tag comes from extending the tax cuts on capital gains and dividends whose benefits go overwhelmingly to the wealthy and which don't expire until 2008. It would be unconscionable for Rep. _____ to vote to cut taxes on the wealthiest Americans on the same day that he voted to make it harder for the nation's neediest to get health care, buy food, and get the child support they are owed. Of course, by holding the votes so close together, at least Rep. _____'s constituents can more easily judge where his priorities lie.

Call, email, fax - whatever - but let Bass/Bradley know that you strongly disapprove of his vote in favor of the budget - and that NH voters have long memories.

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