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Friday, October 14, 2005

The Young Chickenhawks

Clarisse Profilet looks at a new generation of conservative college students who aggressively support the war in Iraq but have no interest in fighting it.

"The top of the antiwar movement is led by communists, and I will call them that," Executive Director of the Minnesota chapterof Young Americans for Freedom Chris Hill said. "Unlike these communists, we have truth on our side.... We say to those who oppose this war, Go to France."

Does it undermine his group's prowar position if all the YAF higher-ups are unwilling to participate directly in the war? "I don't think so," Hill replied. "You don't have to be involved in something to believe in it."

Conservative campus groups like YAF and College Republicans are growing in strength and numbers. And since the start of the Iraq War, these outfits have stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Bush to support the war, but they have not stood alongside the soldiers doing the actual fighting and dying. They want someone else to do the hard work.

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