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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Worse Presidential Prospect: Return of the Kerry

With Kerry visiting Iowa and touring the state, David Yepsen weighs in on the possibility of a Kerry 2008 run. Yepsen is the dean of the Iowa political press corps. Yet instead of apologizing for his state's wrong-headed single-handed selection of John Kerry in 2004, he is making the case for an encore perfomance.

  • He came close, oh so close, in 2004. Bush got 51 percent. Kerry got 48 percent. Only 120,000 more votes in Ohio, and you wouldn't be reading this column [...]
  • Kerry's been vetted. He's been through the crucible once, and the lessons he learned would be useful again.

    Media people, opponents and voters have all had a chance to study the man. Many saw him as presidential material. He did well in the debates. The smear attacks on him in 2004 will be old news in 2008. And considering how poorly Bush has been doing of late, Kerry looks better by the day.

  • He was a classy loser. Unlike Al Gore, who skulked off to grow a beard, Kerry withdrew quickly and honorably. He set about tending his duties in the U.S. Senate, giving speeches and trying to help fellow Democrats win elections in 2006, which is shaping up to be a good year for them.
  • Kerry understands why he lost. Strategists in his camp say if he does run again, the campaign will be more nimble in responding to attacks than it was in 2004. He won't be isolated from key Democrats seeking to offer advice.
  • 120,000 votes in Ohio could've flipped the race? Flip 120,000 votes in Wisconsin, Minnesota and New Hampshire, and Bush wins a 310-228 blowout. Heck, his own state passed on Kerry. Bush looks poorly right now? Too bad Kerry wouldn't be facing Bush in 2008. Kerry has been vetted? Of course he was. And he was rejected, against the worst president in our nation's history.

    Nah, the Kerry ship has sailed. I'm still unexcited by any of the current crop of presidential contenders, making it easy to remain neutral thus far. But I'm not neutral on Kerry. Far from it. We, as a party, don't need to make that mistake twice.

    (Via Political Wire.)

    from daily kos

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