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Saturday, October 08, 2005

WHAT! No "GOP Points" for beating up elderly election worker?

Windham state rep to resign as part of a plea deal

Republican State Rep. Christopher Doyle will resign from the Legislature under to a plea agreement that will allow him to avoid being tried on a felony assault charge.

Doyle, 27, is accused of hitting an election worker and knocking her to the ground in March after failing to win reelection to the board of selectmen. He will plead guilty to a lesser charge of simple assault as part of the agreement with prosecutors.

If the deal is accepted by the court, Doyle would resign as a state representative and not seek public office for the next two years. He also would do 100 hours of community service, be evaluated by an anger management specialist and apologize to election worker Gail Webster.

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That particular district sent something like 13 Republicans back to Concord including the old lady beater, an Elvis impersonator, a guy who buys alchohol for teenagers and other worthy candidates. If ever there was a district that pointed out the problems with our ridiculously large legislature, this one is it.
This is great and way past due. Doyle, JJ and their ilk are proving their arrogance and hubris is catching up with them. If only we could field a few candidates and educate the public about them, to fill the seats. Hmmm, where can we find this type of for the peole candidates??? (Sorry Jon, a bit of thinly veiled, self serving promotion here, indeed though, for the good of the people and not padding my resume)
I know two declared candidates for the Salem/Windham area already. Laurel Redden and Ruth-Ellen Post. They are both awesome people who would make amazing Reps. The trouble is that in that area the voters elect 13 people, so the chances of someone actually knowing anything about their reps is very small.
Oh, but susi isn't it grand though that we have 400 reps and only pay them $200 a term... doesn't that mean anyone can be a rep?...

typically liberatrianism... whats seems like common sense actually isn't so. 400 reps means their to many for any one person to matter in the legislature, to many for citizens to get to know... little pay means no one but the already wealthy or retired [or students] can be involved in politics.
I'd like to see young Mr. Doyle wearing an orange jumpsuit for a year, which is the average for a class B felony.

400 reps guarantees the majority party can maintain the stranglehold it's had on the NH House since the Civil War. This way the GOP gets to run everything, and blame all failures on Jeanne Shaheen, or John Lynch. All that GOP ass kissing he's done won't help him when they get out the long knives - as indeed they will.

I was on a NH political forum yesterday where a guy was stewing about the lies told about Craig Benson and swearing that Lynch's ethical lapses (Ned Helms) would come back to haunt him.

They are dumb as a bag of rocks, and not afraid to shout it out.
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