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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Western States want bigger role in primary

Governors of Utah, New Mexico advocate Western primary in 2008

The governors of New Mexico and Utah will try to recruit other Rocky Mountain and Western states to hold presidential preference contests early in the 2008 presidential campaign.

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, a Democrat, joined with Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, a Republican, on Tuesday in calling for a Western regional presidential primary or caucuses on the first Tuesday in February 2008.

If enough Western states hold early contests, they say, it will increase the fast-growing region's clout in picking presidential nominees.

"For too long, the West has been a flyover region and Western issues have not been emphasized," Richardson said at a news conference with Huntsman. "We had little or no impact and our issues were easily ignored. If we're successful in putting together several Western states, then that will change."

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Bill Richardson is another spineless DLC type Dem. I can understand not feeling as if NH was representative of the rest of the country - but New Mexico isn't what I'd call progressive. Utah is even worse than NH.
When Richardson came to speak at this years annual Grover Cleveland dinner, the first thing he wanted to make very clear was his support for the NH First in the Nation Primary. I am not bashing the Dems candidates or elected members but these are the credible facts, not my conjecture or speculation. This Dem party is killing itself with guys like this.
I have heard Bill Richardson speak as a guest on Air America Radio and I wasn't impressed.

He is probably more interested in his people having more of a say in making him the next presidential nominatee than needed real electoral reform.

I think the up and coming Democratic states should have more of a say BUT certainly tiny [population size] and backward [political wise] states should not have a huge say.

It would be nice to have a primary that isn't over before it's over though.
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