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Friday, October 21, 2005

US Soldier ordered to desecrate dead bodies in Afghanistan

The latest scandal surfaced Wednesday when an Australian television network aired video showing members of a U.S. airborne unit purportedly setting fire to the Taliban bodies, followed by other soldiers, identified as specialists in psychological operations, using the event to taunt other enemy fighters and draw them out of nearby hills to retrieve the remains.

Cremation is shunned by Islamic custom, which calls for even the sinful to receive a proper burial.

"[The alleged body burning near the village of Gonbaz] would be a violation of both military law and the Geneva Conventions, which list mistreatment of the dead as a war crime," said John Sifton, a researcher with Human Rights Watch in New York.

from Washington Post Via Rachel Maddow Show

The issue here is not whether or not you should desecrate dead bodies of Taliban Soldiers [though I belive Cerion would have something to say about that]. The point is that this is against the Geneva Conventions. They are war crimes and you can't do them Period.The Military has very specifically identified the group of soldiers responsible, watch for this to be another exercise in the Pentagon blaming individual troops for Republican military policy.

C'mon - you people are overreacting. The troops need to blow off a little steam. More harmless frat boy hijinks.
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