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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Theocracy on the March: Bush and IraN on same page!!

Via Professor Cole, more violence in Iraq:

Three US Marines were killed by a roadside bomb west of Baghdad and in a separate attack a US soldier was killed in Hit, northwest of the capital, the US military said on Friday.

Professor Cole also cites to a statement on the Iraq Constitution from "Iran's Supreme Jurisprudent":

Iran's Supreme Jurisprudent, Ali Khamenei, on Friday praised Iraq's constitution as "blessed," praised the constitutional referendum, and looked forward to Iraqis going to the polls again on December 15. The Iranians generally dismiss US threats and posturing, whereas they saw the Taliban and Saddam as genuine enemies. The Iranians are still worried about a revival of the secular Arab nationalist Baath Party.

The Bush Administration and Iranian Mullahs seeing eye to eye again.

from daily kos

Very good foreign policy as far as the Vulcans are concerned. Now we have our gun sites set for Syria. The Bushters needed another haven of terrorism to move on. I wonder how Rove will plan his exit strategy and he and Miller will do on their impending FOX propaganda, er... news show?
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