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Friday, October 14, 2005


Rightard radio host Neal Boortz told his listening public on October 14, that in the event of a national disaster we should save the rich first.

In this country, people achieve a lot and they are wealthy because of their hard work. In this country, people don't achieve squat. They sit around all the time waiting for somebody else to take care of them. They have children they can't afford. They're uneducated.

Men wearing silly hats will not be on the first lifeboat, Neal.

Different messages to different people... Neal does his thing for the hard core righty listeners... saying things that would sink more mainstream GOP operatives.

Righty religious nuts and corporatists bring their own extreme versions of the conservative message to their non-mainstream audiences...

Democrats are doing better about trying to hold these crackpots accountable as if they were just any other GOP operative.... but I wish the Dems would start to see the value of speaking to different people with different messages.

Democrats seem to believe that ALL message and discussion should be tailored to the same bland middle class suburban [driving] audience.
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