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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Potempkin 1st Amendment Martyr: Judith Miller

Here is more pure political crack RE: the Plamegate / Judith Miller scandal for those of you who have been following it.

NYT finally breaks it's silence on the issue and it looks like the mask of integrity that Judith pretended she had is dissolving fast than Democratic Party support for my Gubernatorial Campaign.

I won't post all the new developments and insider stuff here, it would just bore those of you only interested in which Bushies are going to prison.

UPDATE: For the downlow on those developments visit The News Blog

Too many people on the left are waiting for some Deus Ex Machina to save Rove from himself. They think Bush will push it aside, the media will cover up for him and it will be business as usual. Stop giving Bush that kind of credit....

Don't always assume that the Dems are just waiting for their next beating. That's a silly, self-perpertating idea. Why don't the Dems do this or that? Well, you have to make them. Politicians follow trends, they don't set them. [from The News Blog]
However if you want to get into the guts of the media's failure in leading us into war and allowing the Neo-Con / Bush Administrations reign of lies, incompetence, corruption, and crime to go unchecked you will find Judith Miller at the focal point.

Check out Daily Kos.

UPDATE: Daily Kos has more insight into the dealio

Treason is the only crime actually outlined and defined in the US Constitution. This traitorous tramp, along with her bed buddies in the highest levels of government, should very well be hung for treason. Or at very least, impeached. Lets not forget Bob Novack.
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