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Friday, October 14, 2005

Piece of Shit runs for Congress.... I know you are shocked.

Politically connected Windham man eyes Second District seat

Bret Clemons, a 37-year-old greeting card company executive, said concern over one-party control in Washington and inaction on key issues has led him to seek the Second Congressional District nomination.

Clemons, a Nashua native, said he’s a moderate [a moderate what!!? Republican?] who would bring a pragmatic approach to governing, born of 14 years in business management.
“I come at things from a private-sector point of view. In that world, you have to deliver,’’ Clemons said.

Thats right when the lobbyists contribute to you, you need to deliever the votes. Great, another corporate crony for congress.

This would be his first contest for elective office, but Clemons comes from a political family. His mother is Jane Clemons, the Nashua Democrat who is No. 2 in the hierarchy of House Democrats. His younger brother, Nick, is executive director of the New Hampshire Democratic Party. Another brother, Ben, was the party’s nominee for county sheriff. And his father, Michael, ran for Hillsborough County commissioner last fall.

On issues, Clemons said the Bush administration won support for the war in Iraq through false pretenses but the U.S. cannot set a public timetable for removing troops. “I do believe it’s a national security issue now. We can’t simply leave Iraq,’’ Clemons said. “At the end of the day if we leave Iraq, we end up with another terrorist state. I can’t see us doing that.’’

Well he already has the Democratic non-position on Iraq down. Coming out the gate he is already out of touch with 60% of America.

If elected, Clemons said, he would consider both cutting spending and raising revenue to balance the federal budget. “We are in a fiscal situation that is not sustainable. We need to look at the revenue and the spending side.”

The Congress needs to reform Social Security to keep it financially solvent in the future but Clemons said he opposes letting younger workers set up private accounts to invest some of their earnings. Instead, Clemons said he would consider reducing cost-of-living adjustments to retirees that are now tied to wage increases for private sector workers.

He wants to fuck over our seniors, too, just not as badly as Bass does. Republican lite all the way.

from Nashua Telegraph

Should anyone be able to run for any political office, Hell Yes! Why don't I like this guy, because he is another of the spawn of one of the worse political insider families in NH. Also he is a conservative piece of shit. The last thing we need is a return of the obsolete "3rd way" DLC lay down sell out model of Democrat.

But having said all that I actually don't think primaries are bad or a waste of money. I have had a change of heart on that and I now feel primary contests can be good even if their is only one viable candidate and the other two are the worse human beings ever. Oh well what do I know. I come from a family of janitors.

Young Mr. Clemons is out of sync with his Party leadership on the Social Security issue. The entire Democratic Party is out of sync on the issue of the war.

Republican lite is not a winning strategy. The people of this country want an opposition party, not a bend over and accomodate party.
Clemons is a piece of shit

....and you can put whatever first name in front of that statement you want.
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