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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Ohio Coingate

So, Coingate was not only a way to kick some money to a corrupt GOP supporter but it was also a way to funnel money back to GOP candidates from the state pension fund.

Yesterday's Toledo Blade had the story putting all the money movement together: Tom Noe moved money into his own personal bank account and subsequently made donations to Republicans, both in Ohio and for Bush's presidential campaign. The Blade has been in the lead with these stories on the Culture of Corruption, Ohio Division, Coingate series.

Interestingly enough, Salon has a story showing one of the Blade's reporter's had the corrupt Noe story back in 2004, and sat on it. Why? Well, it looks like he's a Republican operative.

full article at Daily Kos

[picture: left to right, Tom Noe, Governor Taft, expendable crony]

They don't even try to hide their lawlessness any more. Remember when they used to at least TRY to cover it up?
Being a republican is never having to say your guilty.
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