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Friday, October 07, 2005

NYTimes writer finds connections between bloggers and lawyers.

There is an article in the NYTimes that attempts to make a connection between lawyers and blogs..

Article is here.

You know I can draw all kinds of connections that don’t exist too. Especially if I take a bunch of acid first. The NYT
author only mentions 2 bloggers of any significance Kos from dailys kos on the left and Hendrocket from powerline on the right.

I am sure another hack could easily write an article about authors who do blogs, or college professors, or the unemployed. [I think there is a significant connection between blogging and unemployment.!]

Everybody has their own blogs now. If someone said that software developments or IT professional made up a large portion of bloggers no one would bat an eye. Guess what, I bet you employees at fast food places are largely under represented in the blogosphere.

I did like this quote, though I hate that it comes from hindrocket:

Good lawyers write well, quickly and clearly and do not fear arguments, said Mr. Hinderaker of "Most people's personalities are such that they don't really like conflict and are shy about putting arguments and opinions out in public where they're going to be attacked," he said. "Obviously lawyers do that all the time."

I generally don’t like this article as it artificially over emphasizes the connection between lawyers and blogs. It half heartedly makes the effort to say something about how all bloggers aren’t slackers, but the case against that stereotype has been made and closed years ago.

A real good point about blogs is that they are totally merit driven. You can’t buy your way in. Another good point is that daily kos or atrios get more hits in a day than ANY major news show [excluding the daily show] gets viewers. You won't find those points mentioned in this article.

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