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Thursday, October 20, 2005

NYTimes still has head up ass....

Gene Lyons:

In the Times ' front-page account of Miller's off-again, on-again refusal to testify before Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald's grand jury, editor Bill Keller admits some embarrassment.

"I wish it had been a clear-cut whistleblower case," he said.

I wonder what they're putting in the water coolers up on West 43 rd Street. It wasn't a whistleblower case at all. It was the exact opposite : the most powerful people in the United States using the press to damage a whistleblower by endangering his wife, something even the Mob won't do.

That the NY Times, the Society of Professional Journalists, and the people who are using her to testify before Congress next week on behalf of a federal shield law don't get this truly says something about the state of the modern journalism establishment.

from daily kos

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