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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

More 1950's Bullshit from the Man-o-centric Manocracy!

To minimize the risk of crib death, the nation's largest organization of pediatricians is recommending that babies be put to sleep with pacifiers and in their own beds, despite intense opposition from advocates for breast-feeding and the "family bed."

The American Academy of Pediatrics, hoping to settle some of the most hotly debated, emotional issues related to the care of newborns, is for the first time endorsing routine pacifier use and explicitly advocating a ban on babies sleeping with their parents.

In an eagerly awaited set of recommendations being announced today, the academy's first new guidance in five years also toughens its long-standing policy that babies always sleep on their backs, saying for the first time that even sleeping on the side is too dangerous. Babies should, however, sleep in the same room as their parents, the academy concludes. full article @ sfgate

The only place for a baby to sleep is in a bed with their parents. Go here to stop abdicating your instincts and your consciousness to "experts".

Once upon a time these same sort of “experts” said formula feeding was superior to breast feeding, than they said babies should breast feed for 6 weeks, now they say babies should breast feed for AT LEAST six months.... fuck them.

Trust your body and heart. Should the newest and dearest member of your family be put in a wooden cage by themselves. IN what evolutionary cal de sac is that a viable plan? I guess when your children are older you can explain away their suffering by saying, “Honey, we had to do that if was the currently recommended way to prevent crib death.”

As with all the other “Family Bed” parents we have known both our children sleep “through the night” very early. My son was sleeping through the night 2 weeks after he was born, my daughter was 2 days after she was born. We were the envy of other non-family bed new parents.

For those of you blindly heeding the mindless bleats of “experts enjoy the sleepless nights and agonized screams of your child, you inhuman monster.

I'm a little puzzled by this. The best way to prevent crib death is to put infants in cribs? Is that really what they're saying?
Shows what you know! How can they die of crib death if they aren't in a crib...oh, wait...reverse that...NEVERMIND
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