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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Minuteman co-founder whines like a little bitch.

A co-founder of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps says its volunteers have been harassed by what he calls "domestic terrorists" who have threatened violence.

What a bunch of pussys and, of course, no one is showing up to play pretend vigilante with them.Boo hoo.

Border Patrol officials said Wednesday agents had been ordered to report any Minuteman activity, but none had been spotted since the beginning of the month when the Minuteman organization began a month long operation on the U.S. Canadian border.

SimCocks is trying to claim that his people are being low key because they are scared for their safety.

Simcox said the volunteers had been keeping a low profile.

"We don't typically turn it into a dog and pony show because of the aggressive groups who advocate violence against our law abiding volunteers," he said.

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What do you expect from a group named after sexual disfunction. As you can tell by the pictures they ain't called the minutemen because they run very goddamn fast.

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