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Friday, October 07, 2005

Lynch opposes gay marriage & ban on gay marriage

Lynch opposes constitutional amendment banning gay marriage and gay marriage

Gov. John Lynch said he's against gay marriage, but opposes changing the state's constitution to ban it.


[picture: New Hampshire Executive Councilor Raymond Burton, right, poses with U.S. Supreme Court Justice David Souter, center, and New Hampshire Gov. John Lynch]

Lynch is a spineless sack of guano.
Indeed. But the trio make interesting bed fellow. Our Governor is a bigot, the Supreme Court Justice wants to take your property and the Executive Councilor supports going on tax payer funded campaign road trips to your back yard bbq with dangerous, convicted, serial pedophiles. Nice to see our Goverment of by and for the people.
Maybe I am living in a dream world...
I was on the fense on Lynch. I supported him as a democratic candidate but I didn't love or hate him. Now, I am done with him. I will not support him in anyway unless he changes his positoin on gay marriage.
This Lynch has been nothing but a Sheehan DLC sellout. The ONLY reason he got elected, mind you with a slight 2%-4% margin, was he was the least worst millionaire running for Governor here. So many people could not take another 2 years of Herr Benson and I donnot think the Republican light, party hack Lynch is doing anyone on the D side any favors. Just ask Betty Tamposi,Kelly Ayotte and Paul Robitaille.

My yard will have a John Barbiarz sign on it this next cycle. At least you know what's coming from him and his Libertarians.
Yes, we do know what to expect from the libertarians. They'll vote with the Republicans.
Actually I think some of the "real" libertarians won't be voting repug, at least not at the national level. A few I've talked to are as disgusted with the current regime as I am and now they don't know what to do. I'm not sure they will like the dumbs any better, but they are beginning to see the error of their ways. (I get my info from a sample of the one libertarian I know!)
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