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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Life in War Time; Today in Iraq

Four Iraqis killed in vote attacks

Three Iraqi soldiers were killed and three injured in a roadside bomb attack just hours before voting began in Iraq's referendum on a new constitution.

From yahoo news

3,663 Iraqis Killed in Past 6 Months

Saturday's vote on Iraq's new constitution takes place nearly six months after the country's first elected government took power, and during that period at least 3,663 Iraqis have been killed in war-related violence, according to an Associated Press count.

From yahoo news

Baghdad Blackout Caused by Sabotage

Insurgents sabotaged power lines to the capital Friday evening, knocking out electricity across the greater Baghdad area and plunging it into darkness on the eve of the country's key vote on a new constitution.

From Yahoo news

Rebels attack Sunni party offices in Iraq

AFP - Rebels attacked two offices of the Islamic Party, a Sunni Arab group that backs the draft Iraqi constitution, and burned a third in the volatile town of Fallujah.

From Yahoo news

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