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Friday, October 07, 2005

Life in War Time; Today in Iraq

Six Marines Killed in Iraq Bomb Attacks

Bomb blasts killed six Marines in western Iraq, and U.S. forces killed 29 militants in U.S. offensives aimed at uprooting al-Qaida insurgents ahead of the country's vote on a new constitution, the military said Friday.

The American deaths brought to 1,950 the number of U.S. troops who have died since the beginning of the war in 2003, according to an Associated Press count.

Full story @ yahoo news

Police find 22 bodies in southeast Iraq

Iraqi police have found the bodies of 22 men handcuffed and shot dead in an area near the Iran border, officials said on Friday.

Police said the bodies were found near Badra town in Wasit province, 69 miles southeast of Baghdad, on Thursday.

Full story @ yahoo news

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