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Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Podcast webpage at:

RSS feed is available here:

Download podcast here.

UPDATE 5 pm: I am working on uploading a LOUDER version of the podcast... should be done soon...

UPDATE 5:45 PM ... NEW LOUDER podcast should be read by 6pm!! enjoy

UPDATE: 6:02 pm IT UP... try it out!

UPDATE: 9:01 pm I did it, the little green button on the podcast page WORKS... so you can download or stream our podcast @

Fantastic! The content was excellent, and you guys have an great rapport that's really fun to listen to.

How often are you planning on podcasting?
we are planning on podcasting at least once a week. Going by the feedback that we have received I think we will go for a shorter time, maybe only a half hour.

So ideas in the works are to have guess, live broadcasts, and callers. Thanks for the feedback!
OMG - you're officially a pod person!

Who are you podding with?
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