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Friday, October 28, 2005

Judd Gregg HATES helping people in need.

Heating programs running out of funds

With home heating costs on the rise, two programs that help the poor pay their gas and electric bills in New Hampshire have run out of money.

Meanwhile, the Senate on Wednesday voted against increased spending for the federal home heating program, saying the money wasn't there.

New Hampshire Sen. Judd Gregg, who had voted last week against a program that helps low-income families meet home heating costs, offered an amendment to the federal spending bill that would release nearly $1.3 billion for heating aid. The increase would be paid for by making across-the-board cuts to other department budgets of just under 1 percent in a $146 billion spending bill.


My family qualifies for home heating assistance so, as the author of this article chooses to, you can all now start referring to us as “the poor”.

Calling recipients of need based government programs "the poor" is just another way journalists try to convince us that these programs are bad. They don't help people like "us", regular people. They help “the poor”.

Notice that when journalists do stories on how increasing the minimum wage is bad they don't refer to people who are paid it as "the poor" even though people who make minimum wage fall below the poverty line.

Notice also, in this article, how Judd will ONLY help people in need after cutting aid to other people in need. He is not willing to simply help those in need because it is the right thing to do. Or not do it because it is the wrong thing.

He is a coward but at least he wouldn't be a TOTAL hypocrite if it weren't for the fact that he wants additional tax cuts for "the rich", his people.

Judd Gregg, the same greedy bastard that bought a lottery ticket even though he is already loaded and then said he plans to spend it on personal items for himself. If being one of "the rich" means being like Judd Gregg I am proud to be one of "the poor".

It seems to me in Bush American the words "the rich" and "the poor", as so many others, have been redefined. "The poor" now seems to mean those who sometimes must ask for assistance from others who have more than they do. "The rich" are those even though they have more than they will every need take from others who have much less than they do.

GOP message in a nutshell, “It is right to get as much as you can anyway you can.”

We couldn't afford to replace our oil burner so we heat 100% with wood. At least I have the renewable resource and plant (transplant) to replenish what I remove. Now, do you think I would be considered "the poor"??? I feel better that way.
Jon - you make an excellent point, and one that should be written in a ltte and spread around the state. (hint, hint)

The media needs to be called on the way they frame stories. By no means is everyone who qualifies for help "poor."
Gee, maybe he should have dumped his Powerball winnings into "helping the poor"

great blog btw, found you via Niobium
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