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Friday, October 07, 2005

Inside the Blogosphere....

Some people are interested in this whole blogo world and what it means.. I am going to start posting items relating to this under this title.

Kevin Drum and Atrios talk about angst within the conservative blogging world over being ignored, while liberal bloggers are embraced by the establishment.....

That's sort of true and not true. As for conservatives [bloggers] being ignored, as Atrios notes, yeah, that part is true. .......

As for Democrats, conservatives like to think that sites like Daily Kos meet weekly with Howard Dean and Harry Reid, as though we're an integral part of some well-oiled machine. And that's also not true.......When they do pay attention, most of the time it's naked attempts to score cash from the community, as though we're some kind of ATM.

read full post from daily kos

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