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Monday, October 10, 2005

In the Wake of the Flood....

Governor assesses damage; some dams still in danger of failing

Gov. John Lynch was briefed Monday morning by state emergcency management officials on flooding that knocked out roads and bridges and killed at least two people in the southwest part of the state.

Lynch had flown to Europe for a trade mission Saturday, but returned Sunday to take charge of the response to the flooding and declare a state of emergency.

"This is the worst damage they've seen from flooding in 25 years in New Hampshire," he said.

Two people died in Unity when their car drove off a washed-out bridge into the Little Sugar River and overturned Sunday. After the car was recovered, the bodies of two 20-year-olds were found inside. Steven Day, of Unity, and Ashley Gate, of Claremont, both died, state police said.

full article @ yahoo news

Keene resonates with sounds of generators, pumps

Keene, the biggest city in hardest-hit southwestern New Hampshire, had no electricity and was awash in the sounds of generators and pumps Monday as Gov. John Lynch and Cheney toured.

Two of the confirmed deaths occurred when a young man and woman drove off a washed-out bridge into the Little Sugar River in Unity on Sunday. The bodies of Steven Day of Unity and Ashley Gate of Claremont, both 20, were in their car, state police said.

The third death was a man spotted from the air Sunday afternoon in a cornfield next to the Cold Driver in Langdon, said Col. Jeff Gray of the Fish and Game Department. The man remained unidentified Monday, but Gray said the death appeared to be flood-related.

A kayaker was missing on the North Branch River in Antrim. Rescue workers tried to reach him as he clung to a tree, but he was washed away and was feared dead. State police also were asking for help locating several residents of Alstead who were reported missing.

During the weekend, residents downstream of the Highland Lake dam in Stoddard and the Lake Todd dam in Bradford were evacuated. Water went over the top of dams in Alstead, Belmont and Washington during the weekend.

Water continued to flow over the Warren Lake dam in Alstead on Monday morning, but the dam itself was intact. A surge over that dam during the weekend sent a "4- or 5-foot wall of water" downstream, damaging at least a half dozen bridges on Route 123 and washing away several homes. The Cold River also overflowed, leaving the town virtually cut off.

Full article @ yahoo news

The worse than useless mainstream media isn't reporting it, but there was also a Hurricane Stan that kill 763 people so far in South America.

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