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Monday, October 24, 2005

Harriet we hardly knew yee.

When President Bush announced the nomination of Harriet Miers on October 3, he called her “a leader of unquestioned integrity.” Much of what we’ve learned since then hasn’t supported Bush’s claim. To review:

- Miers was suspended from the DC bar for non-payment of dues.

- Miers was suspended from the Texas bar for non-payment of dues.

- Miers repeatedly had tax liens placed on property she owned in Texas for non-payment of fines and fees.

- Miers received 10 times the market value for a small piece of land she controlled from the state of Texas, awarded by a panel stacked with friends and allies. A mediator ordered Miers to repay $26,000 but she has failed to do so.

These incidents take on added significant because – since Miers doesn’t have any judicial experience – Bush is selling Miers’s nomination to the court, in large part, on her “character.”

from thinkprogress


The right wing now has up a withdraw miers webpage

Also if you haven't already check out Harriet Mier's personal blog [can they use this in the hearings?]

To any normal Right wing nut job, these are impeccable credentials for defining unquestionable integrity.
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