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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Executive Director of NHDP is confident [wink, wink, nudge nudge] Bret Clemons can raise enough money.

The primary goal of Democratic congressional candidate Paul Hodes of Concord is to prove he’s worthy of once again taking on five-term Congressman Charles Bass after a disappointing showing in 2004.

During the last quarter, Hodes took one step toward demonstrating that, raising more money than any federal candidate on the 2006 ballot.....

The only other declared Democrat running from the Second District, Windham businessman Bret Clemons, only just last week filed his political committee with the Federal Election Commission.

“I don’t intend to spend much money that I do raise for the foreseeable future,” said Clemons, a regional executive with a nationwide greeting card company.

His brother, Democratic Party Executive Director Nick Clemons, is confident Bret will be able to raise enough to be competitive.

“He understands that this is first a race for dollars and the national committees want to see performance in order to consider that candidate viable,” Nick Clemons said.

Full article here: Nashua Telegraph

What a shame Mr. Hodes has to put so much money and energy into showing his worth against some carpet bagger with family connections, whom they themselves have shown their failure in winning party reform. The Clemons Clan are part of the chronic Dem party problem. Comfortable, complacent, spiteful losers. They are as bad as Righty operatives.
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