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Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Big Chill....

Winter heating bills will be a third to a half higher for most families across the country, with the sharpest increases expected for those who heat with natural gas, the Energy Department forecast Wednesday.

The department said natural gas users can expect to pay an average of $350 more during the upcoming winter compared to last year, an increase of 48 percent. Those who heat their homes with fuel oil will pay $378 more, or 32 percent higher than last winter.

from huffington post

I heard freezing to death is not so bad, you just get sleeper and sleeper until you die. Simular to running out of coffee.

See the heating oil companies are not required to deliever oil to you once you run out, unlike the electric company which can't (legally) turn off you electricity during the winter months. So my plan is to just move my family in to the kitchen and sleep with the electric oven on and during the day use the laundry room as the living room with the electric dryer running. Nows THATS Republican self reliance for ya! What wrong with these other whiners don't they have dryers and ovens?

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