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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Corrupt Democrats Criticize Progressives

Democratic lawmakers who supported the Bankruptcy Reform bill cry foul when their financial ties to the banking industry are exposed.

Read about it here:

This is a news item on the air america radio webpage.

This is a good article. I think it exposes a very important issue in the democratic party. A lot of grassroots and political infrastructure groups are growing up outside of the democratic party to promote progressive politicians and policies NOT necessarily JUST any old democratic party line or politician.

Yet some politicians in the party want to still be corrupt and serve business interests instead of people for cash [i.e. hurt democracy and the party] AND they EXPECT that that these progressive groups will turn a blind eye to it. Basically they want all of our political progressive political organizations to act as their republican counterparts as mere propagandists and spin doctors. It's like these democratic politicians are saying as long as there is someone worse than us then NO ONE should have any integrity.

What is also important to note in this article is that it was the "New Democrats". The DLC corporate types that cried foul. These are the pro-business "move toward the right" types that gave total credibility to nader and the "both parties are the same why bother" crowd.

The disappointing thing about the article is that you get the feeling that the Center for American Progress either apologized or placated them. Which is bad. We shouldn't let these failed DLC "New Democrats" who so slowly but surely lost everything the party once had have ANY significant influence in screwing up the new democratic reemergence.

Please consider subscribing to the Center for America Progresses Email Newsletter [FREE] "The Progress Report" or check out their BLOG. Consider sending them an email and thanking them for the "Honest and rightly Critical Email by David Sirota"

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