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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Carol Shea-Porter

At the risk of pissing off some folks as to how I will say just what it is I have to say to start, this chick kicked ass. The establishment chronic loser wonks of the Democratic elite once again were shown the door and the real grass roots folks handed out lunch tickets whilst Jim Craig and his merry band of corporate campaign funded bloviating blatherskytes went away wallowing in ignorance.

This is how you lost you blind fools (not the spicey adjective I usually use but there you go)... PEOPLE!!! A massive effort on the part of real voters on behalf of We the Peeps to tell the establishment hacks enough is enough. Someday I am quite sure, the Democrats will get that in spades. But for now, Jim, Kate, Raul and the rest of the chronic losers will be wondering just how they lost, and lost big. Ned Lamont will I am sure be happy to work with Ms. Shea-Porter in the other House to advance Progress. Got that??? My concern now is that Mr. Hodes is rectally attached to the very same losers that allowed Mr. Craig to watch from the sidelines. Hmmm... Tragic. You people will never learn apparently. Don't you ever read Sirota???

Congratulations Ms. Shea-Porter. Good luck in November. Oh yeah, you too Mr. Hodes.

Now, get your ass out to vote in November you complacent losers. The Carol for Congress campaign proved this a winning tactic as part of a winning strategy to achieve a winning goal. That is the line is it not?


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