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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ahhh, the light.

I never had my head in the oven but it was quite clearly firmly inserted in my dark, unmentionable nether regions. It would appear things have not changed much since I began feeling sorry for myself. Thanks Jon for getting me back to the game. I do miss the game. Anyhooo, here's the update... I'll spare you my planting blueberry bushes and buying a wheeler. Oh yes, Margaret and I are still very much in love...

1)Lieberman- left the D's to become his own party. Nice. I wonder how Paul R. , Paula B. and Gail S. feel about a 3rd party candidate now and how much $$$ they are sending the Connecticut sellout to the people, soon to be just plain Mr. Lieberman. Not that I am bitter since I really new the D's were just as bad as the RRRRRR's. I am still a bit upset at how they chewed my good bud Jon and spit him out. Good way to improve the plan to progress. Oh but then the D's do have the "New Direction" plan. THE!!! answer to the contract on America.

2)King George-still counting on 9/11 to instill fear and expand his power, consolidate control and just plain be an ass. Doonesbury has it right... er, correct.

3)Kate "I will be DNC Chairgal someday" Sully, Slick Nick"My mommy said I could" Clemons, Ray "the Gay Shark with his knife in your back" Buckley and the NHDP on the hole... er, whole, are still shitting on Mr. Paul "DNC hack Emmanuel chum" Hodes. Too bad for Paul for having NO coordinated D party support. Ned Lamont anyone??? Mr. Hodes is a great guy although his interpretation of protection for shitting on, pissing on and burning Our Flag is quite incorrect, I think, not to mention his early sellout to the establishment DNC corporate dickheads. But then again, he's better than Charlie " Prince of Pork and I will happily carry your H2O Mr. Cheney" Bass. Bye-bye Charlie. Enjoy the private sector.

4) The D's came up with some guy to debate Mr. Gallus in the form of Luke Jackman, Hugh Lorryman, Stew Hickman, I don't know, some guy with a "D" next to his name. I guess that is all most of you D's need to see, eh Paul, Paula, Gail??? HEH!!!

5) I also seems that the R's are still happy screwing everyone with an orifice and the time, in my view, to hand the responsibility for carrying the torch of corruption back to the Dems is upon us. No new news there. Kate is not quite the great strategic leader,(or is that tactical leader, or goal maker) as someone standing next to her at the NHDP convention would have us believe. The impending wins for her side will come more for the fact that the party of King George has such disdain and disregard for We the Peeps. Incendentally, for you incumbents in this State Rep. Coos District 2, you would do well to learn just what exactly constituent service is from the likes of Junior Rep Scott "I will run for Mr. Hode's congressional seat and win " Merrick. This guy has "I will get back to you" all locked up. You, Representative Merrick, will be my only incumbant vote. Mr. Burton and his lack of integrity with protecting and hiring pedaphiles, wait, another post perhaps.

Hey Susan B, can we be friends again???


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