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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Heir to NHDP throan bagging carpet and moving on

This on and it seems to be a change of heart, if ever one was present, for would be primary challenger to Hodes. Clemons backs out and now, hopefully, Hodes can concentrate on getting Bass out of the way. Nice.

Now, if Hodes' automatic e-list can remove me from said list. That would be nice. I don't have that kind of $$$ and it has been made quite clear to me that the Dems don't love me anymore. Sniff-weep-sniff.

Get informed!!! GET ACTIVE!!!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Political expediency or true representation... you decide as the election season approaches

There are 2 very interesting issues that are very polarizing and evoke very passionate followings and debate. First, as promised, the results from the CACR34, defining marriage:
The question was to ITL; 207-125, killed.
Yeas; Buco, Buzzell, Chandler, S.Eaton, King, McCleod, Mears, Merrick, Remick, H. Richardson, Stohl, Tholl.

Nays; Lary, Morneau.

Not voting, Theberge, J. Ward.

Very interesting as you can see many staunch Republican water boys (as it were) for the Right have bowed to the constituent pressure. Maybe for now at least.

The second issue du-jour is the HB1496, right to work union busting bill. This result too is very interesting and I wonder how many of these usual union buster supporters votes would be changed if it were the beginning of the first session and the mills were not in such dire straits. As my Verizon buddy said last P.M. when he stopped by, "We work to a standard, not the clock and some people don't get that". Nice. Thanks Brian, good American work ethic and conscious of quality, safety, local long term job security and good craftsmanship. Now, your roll call. The question was to ITL; 255-85, killed.
Yeas; Buco, Buzzell, Chandler, S. Eaton, King, McCleod, Mears, Merrick, Morneau, Remick, H. Richardson, Stohl, Theberge, Tholl, J. Ward.
Not voting; Lary.

GET ACTIVE !!! GET Informed, you know, all 6 of you.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

CACR34 discrimination law ITL

Yeah, this is huge and the dreaded ITL has been thrust upon this piece of crap bill, rightly so. The Racist Righties and radical Christian evangelical clerics attempts to legalize discrimination in our own NH Constitution has been defeated. I don't have the numbers yet since this was just givien to me by one very cool, forward thinking, progressive minded Superman State Rep whose initials are D.Scott Merrick, my fave!!! More info will be forthcoming and we will post all bigots here as we get their names. The Freedom to Marry the individual of your choice has won another great step forward and even though I am not gay, I share the exultation of the Gay and Lesbian community and I am very happy for the folks that get so demonized and discriminated against for being who (whom???) they are. As an INDIE, I do feel your pain.

RISE UP indeed!!!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Bad education policy

Today in the Righty controlled State Senate, the CACR43 is being debated in "public hearing". This thing, in part, states, legisl"CACR43, relating to the cost of education. Providing that the legislature shall determine the content, extent and funding of education". Now there are currently some 14 or so exclusively Righty Senators co-sponsoring this piece of drek. ( how is that the lemmings following the leader over the hill is sad yet carrying H2O for the party leadership is juuuuust fine?) My potential opponent entrenched, Righty leadership understrapper, John Gallus is among said co-conspirators to this bill against our children's education and your input to local control. This CACR43 bill would keep ANY and ALL future debate with regards to education funding and all the criteria surrounding our education system in the inept hands of the current Republican controlled legislature. Need I say... tragic???

This is the same legislature that refuses to properly fund education and further, that refuses to implement a proper funding mechanism for anything in the State, most remarkably education and the future leaders of our great America. This is the same legislature that refuses to properly define not only an adequate eduaction but now has termed the present system as "an equitable" education. Are you freakin kidding me??? Think what you want about why I left the D's but hear this;

George Washington touted funding proper education over ignorance. John Adams reminded us to remember the children and their school houses and teachers. Me, this INDIE, is all about taking the legislature out of any mix other than to simply hand over the funds that the State Ed board (not my faves but that's what we are stuck with now) and the local Communities require. Furthermore allow same Communities and Ed board the complete, unfettered, un-impeded responsibility to have the education of your children in the hands of We the People, not the woefully inept, reticent, semi-licentious legislature.

Now, after you swallow your A.M. bagel cream cheeze and Dunkin Turbo, digest the aformentioned info and GET ACTIVE!!!

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